The Coffee Bun – A Vancouver Speciality Cafe

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The Coffee Bun is a cafe that serves freshly baked coffee buns, Kicking Horse coffee, tea and other desserts like Belgian waffles and Korean shaved ice.


North Vancouver – Lonsdale Quay
147 Chadwick Ct, North Vancouver, BC V7M 3K2

Coquitlam – Henderson Place


The interior at the Coquitlam location has a fun and cute design theme. The space features hardwood floor, large typography instalment and plenty of various sizes of tables for a quick meet up with friends or a good study session.

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The coffee bun is absolutely amazing especially when it’s fresh out of the oven. Coffee buns are made fresh every 30 minutes and they are always served warm. There are also a variety of fillings including red bean, vanilla cream, Earl Grey cream, Nutella and cream cheese.

They serve a several interesting variety of latte including red bean latte and multi-grain latte. The multi grain latte has added wheat germ which provides an interesting texture and compliments the coffee well.

Original Coffee Bun – $3.50
Coffee Bun w/ filling – $4.00
An original Bun & Americano – $4.77

[Experience] The Coquitlam location inside Henderson Place is definitely one of my favourite place to study or grab a quick snack. The staff provides great customer service and the coffee buns are always fresh.


April 2016 Top 10 Vancouver Deals


April 2016 Deals include a cheap Starbucks caffeine fix, discounted car wash at Esso, chance to try out delivery, some really cheap plates from IKEA, 25% off designer sunglasses and a whole bunch of beauty gifts with purchase. New deals are updated on the first week of every month. Don’t forget to like our Facebook page!

1. [Starbucks] Groupon
$5 for a $10 Starbucks eGift Card

Translates to $13 for $6.50 in Canadian Dollar.

A Starbucks eGift Card is a digital gift card that can be used towards any purchase at participating Starbucks stores or Teavana stores. Use it all at once or across multiple visits.

2. [Esso] Groupon
$37 for one $50 Esso Car Wash Gift Card

Choose Between Two Options

  • $37 for one $50 Esso Car Wash Gift Card
  • $72 for two of the above Esso Car Wash Gift Cards ($100 total value)

Accepted at approximately 250 participating On the Run, Marche Express and Tiger Express locations at Esso stations in Canada.

3. [] 
$7 off your next purchase no minimum

Use discount code “ordernow7“. Order online or with their Apple or Android app.
Pro tip: Choose the pick up option to bypass delivery charge.

4. [A&W] Coupons – Expires April 10, 2016
Log in to print out the coupons. Deals include:
– Free Chicken Wrap with purchase of combo
– Upgrade to onion rings for Free with purchase of fries or a combo
– Free small coffee & hash brown with purchase of breakfast sandwich

5. [IKEA] Plain white bowl and plate for $0.79
– Made of tempered glass
– Microwave safe
– Dishwasher safe

6. [] 25% Off Most Sunglasses
Use coupon – “25OFFSUN”
$239 with 25% off  becomes $179.25 + Free Shipping


7. [The Bay] Clarins Free Gift w/ purchase
While quantities last.

Choose a 5-piece skin care set with the purchase of two Clarins products, one of which is skin care.
PLUS: Receive a full size Eye Revive Beauty Flash with the purchase of one additional skin care product.

8. [Sears] Estée Lauder Free Gift w/ purchase
Available from March 30 to April 17, 2016.


Free 7-piece gift with any Estée Lauder purchase of $39.50 or more.

9. [Nordstrom] Lancôme Free Gift w/ purchase
While supplies last.

Choose from three seven-piece deluxe-sample gifts with your $39.50 Lancôme purchase.

10. [Sears] Clinique Bonus Time
Available from April 21 – May 9, 2016

Receive a seven piece gift (an $85 value) with any Clinque purchase of $31 or more.




Get free access to with the Coquitlam Public Library Card


Library memberships are free to all residents in the Lower Mainland and Fraser Valley. All you need is a picture and address I.D.

You can also apply online for a Coquitlam Public Library card. Just make sure you pick up your card within 2 weeks or it will be deleted from the system.

Address: 1169 Pinetree Way, Coquitlam, BC V3B 0Y1
Phone: (604) 554-7323

With the Coquitlam Public Library card in hand, you now have free access to all of the following services:

1. Unlimited access to

Get unlimited access to thousands of professional online tutorials on software, design and business skills that are short, concise and easy to understand. Some of my favourites include Viral Marketing: Crafting Shareable Content and WordPress Essential Training. Normally a regular subscription to cost from $25 a month to $375 a year for their premium subscription.

Pro-tip: If you are a professional (i.e. Accountant or Lawyer) tutorials provides completion certificates that can be applied towards your annual CPD requirements. (Continuing Professional Development)

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2. Other eResources

InstantFlix – Streaming video service for award-winning independent films, shorts and documentaries
PressDisplay – Read the Vancouver Sun and Province as well as newspapers from around the world.
Zinio – Free Online magazine
Career Cruising – Job searches for all ages
Prounciator – 4000 language courses available designed for all ages
Family Search – Free family history and Genalogy records
Tumblebooks – Read-alongs, eBooks, videos, puzzles, games and more for preschoolers

Of course you can also borrow books, book meeting and study rooms, have access to computers and internet and more.

The Coquitlam Public Library recently received donations to purchase 10 Victor Readers which play DAISY and other audio books for those with print disabilities.

If you are interested in volunteering check out “Friends of the library” . They are a group of library volunteers who encourage increased use of library facilities, advocate on behalf of the library and its users and help improve library services.

Source: Coquitlam Public Library Website

Vancouver Trends: What is Cold Pressed Juice?

Cold Pressed Juice

“Cold Pressed” is a method of extracting juice from fruits and vegetables that is different from a regular juice blender that we use at home.

Traditionally, we cut fruits and veggies into small pieces and then feed them to the juice blender to literally cut all the pieces with all its skin and pulp into juice. Freshly blended juice usually only keeps for a day or so before microbes and oxygen spoils it.

Cold pressed juicing uses a a high pressure hydraulic press that ‘press’ water and nutrients from crushed fruits and vegetables. This process eliminates pulps and fibers with high pressure which allows the juice to stay fresh from at least 48 hrs to up to 1 week.

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The argument is that the traditional spinning blade of a juice blender heats up the juice which ends up killing some of the nutrients and enzymes in fresh produce. Secondly, because there is no fiber or pulp in cold pressed juice, cold press juice can be absorbed directly into the bloodstream.

Whether is better or worse than your regular blended juice is more of a personal preference. The whole notion of ‘juice cleanse’ is made possible because cold pressed juice can be kept fresh for up to 1 week or more. At the end of the day, there is little scientific evidence to support any additional health benefits of cold pressed juice versus traditional blended juice.

Cold Pressed Juice                                                    Blended Juice
– Very smooth juice                                                  – Juice with more fiber
– Quicker absorption of nutrients                    – Slower absorption of nutrients
– Instant rush of energy                                         – Stay full longer
– Long shelf life                                                           – Short shelf life
– More expensive                                                       – More affordable

Where is Cold Pressed Juice available in Vancouver?

Nectar Juicery
Locations: Gastown, Pacific Centre

Krokodile Pear
Locations: Kitsilano, Yaletown, Gastown, Industrial Ave.

The Juice Truck
Locations: Mt. Pleasant, Gastown

The Juicery Co.
Location: North Vancouver

Glory Juice Co.
Locations: Arbutus, Kitsilano, Olympic Village

Rain City Juicery
Location: New Westminster

Earn free Cineplex Scene Points with BC’s new Carrot Rewards app



The Public Health Agency of Canada has launched a new app in BC called ‘Carrot Rewards’ to promote healthy-lifestyle choices.

This app has a total investment of over $15 million including $5 million from the Government of Canada, $2.5 million from the Government of BC and funding from private sector and other partners.

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With this free app, get advice on how to eat well and be more active while earning free points from Cinaplex, Aeroplan, Petro Canada and Save-on-foods by doing surveys and answering quizzes about your health and food choices.


To start earning:
Download the app on your phone and set up your account to receive 100 SCENE points. Enter the exclusive promo code SCENE25 and your SCENE # to get an additional 25 SCENE points. Your points will be added to your account once your card number is verified.

Google Play:…m.carrot&hl=en


Pro-tip: Earn an extra 100 points per friend referral. No limit.

5 Things you need to know about Compass Card before Translink close all fare gates on April 4th


All fare gates at all skytrain stations across the Lower Mainland will be closed starting on April 4, 2016. By April 8, all fare gates including SeaBus will be fully closed.

During the week of April 4, Translink will have staff at fare gates at all SkyTrain and SeaBus stations to assist customers with the transition. When staff cannot be at stations, one accessible fare gate will remain open so customers can continue to travel independently.

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1. You can only ride the SkyTrain/Seabus with a Compass Card or a Compass Ticket starting from April 4th, 2016.


*All hard plastic Compass cards has a $6 refundable deposit. You can get your deposit back by returning your card to the Compass Customer Service Centre at Stadium-China Station or the Express Office at Waterfront Station*

Adult Compass Card
A permanent hard plastic card that can be loaded with monthly pass, day pass or stored value for pay-as-you-go trips.

A permanent hard plastic card with discounted fares for children 5-13 years old, secondary students 14-19 years old with a valid GoCard and seniors 65+

Compass Tickets
A single-use paper ticket for that can be loaded with a single-ride or a one day pass. Recommended for occasional adult or concession riders / visitors. Paid value can be re-used within 90 minutes. The 90 minutes starts once you tap in. Unused Compass Tickets will expire at the end of the day. Compass Tickets are not reloadable and can only carry 1 product at a time.

2. Register your Compass Card to protect your balance.

Register your Compass Card at



– Protect your balance. Lost or Stolen Compass cards will  be frozen and the balance can be transferred to a new Compass Card or refunded by cheque.
– Store your payment info and have the option to automatically reload balances / passes
– Access transaction history online for receipts to claim Transit Tax Credit

Pro tip: Register up to 25 Compass Cards to a single account to manage your children’s Compass Cards and keep track of the whole family with 1 account.

3. Can I still use FareSavers?


FareSavers are only valid on buses after April 4th.

Starting on April 4th, you MUST transfer your FareSavers value to a Compass Card to take the Skytrain or Seabus. You can transfer FareSavers as stored value to a Compass Card at the Compass Customer Service Centre at Stadium-Chinatown SkyTrain station.

You cannot transfer FareSavers to a Compass card online. Make sure you have a Compass Card ready before April 4th.

4. Can I still use my U-Pass BC to cross the fare gates?


If you are enrolled in a post-secondary program in BC and you have a current and valid U-Pass, you have to link your Compass Card to your U-Pass BC web account here and load a new monthly U-Pass to your Compass Card every month.

IMPORTANT: Adult Compass Cards loaded with a U-Pass BC are non-transferrable and cannot be shared.

5. Remember to Tap-Out on SkyTrain, SeaBus and West Coast Express.


There is no need to tap out on buses because all bus trips only require a one-zone fare.

If you forget to tap out before you leave a SkyTrain station, you will be charged the maximum fare. What that means is that if you have a 1 or 2-zone only monthly pass, you will be charged 3-zones if you forget to tap out.

The next time you tap in, you will receive an error message. To clear that error message you have to visit a Compass Card Vending machine and load it with some stored value to pay for that extra zone (that you got charged because you forgot to tap out) before you can tap in again.

As a pre-caution it’s always a good idea to have some stored-value in your Compass Card even if you have a monthly pass in case you need to travel more than 1 or 2 zones or if you forget to tap out.

– Once you tap in, you have 20 minutes to shop at that station or change your mind. You will not be charged if you tap-out within 20 minutes.
– Monthly passes can only be reloaded at Compass Card Vending Machines OUTSIDE the fare gates
– Stored Value NEVER expires
– Compass Cards allow a 1-time negative balance which lets you to finish a trip if you run out of stored value. Just top-up your stored value to use your card again
– Bulk tickets for group travel for 15 people or more can be purchased from Translink’s FareDealer Office

For more information, visit TransLink Fare PricesFare Zone MapWhere to Buy , Compass Card Website or

2016 Vancouver Craft Fairs & Festivals to add to your calendar this Spring


The days are getting longer and the cherry blossoms are back to paint the town pink. What better ways to spend the weekend than to attend some pop-up shopping events and festivals? Mark your calendar to see what some of Vancouver’s best local vendors has to offer.

1. Portobello West Spring Market 2016
Date: March 19 – 20 (Sat-Sun)
Time: 11:00am – 5:00pm
Cost: $2
Number of Vendors: 70+
Location: Creekside Community Centre (Near Olympic Village)

Vendors: Fashion, Art, Jewelry, Accessories, Baby & Kids, Gourmet Food
Also offers: Food Trucks, Live Music and Kids Playzone

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2. make it! Vancouver’s Handmade Market
Date: April 22 to 24 (Fri-Sun)
Time: 11am – 6pm
Cost: $5 (Including unlimited re-entry)
Kids 12 & under are free.
Number of Vendors: 175+
Location: The PNE Forum (2901 E Hastings St.)

Vendors: Accessories, Art, Baby/Kids, Body Care, Candles, Ceramics, Fashion, Food, Glass work, Handbags, Home Decor, Jewelry, Plush, Leather, Metalwork, Paper Goods, T-Shirts, Wood works


3. Front & Company Spring 2016 Rummage Sale
Date: March 25 – 28 (Fri – Mon)
Time: 12:pm – 6:30pm
Cost: Consignment clothing starting from $3
Location: Front & Company (3772 Main Street)

About: Front & Company is one of Vancouver’s most popular consignment clothing store. They also carry contemporary accessories, fun gifts and unique home decor items.


4. Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival 
Date: March – April 2016

About: The Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival is a serials of events organized by the VCBF non-profit organization every year during Spring. The first festival was produced in 2006 to educate and sustain Vancouver’s cherry tree heritage.

Fun Fact: 40,000 of Vancouver’s Cherry Blossom trees originated as gifts from Japan.


Popular Events include:

Cherry Jam Downtown Concert
Date: March 24, 2016 (Thursday)
Time: 12:00pm – 1:30pm
Cost: Free
Location: Burrard Skytrain Station
About: A free outdoor concert featuring Vancouver Metropolitan Orchestra and others

Cherry Blossom Painting Sessions 
Date: Weekends in March & April 2016
Time: 11:am – 2:00pm
Cost: $35 – $80
Location: VanDusen Botanical Garden
About: Guided Watercolour, Acrylics and Oil Painting Sessions

Sakura Illumination
Date: March 26, 2016 (Saturday)
Time: 7:00pm – 10:00pm
Cost: Free
About: Artists Stuart Ward & Ben Z Cooper from Hfour will be illuminating Queen Elizabeth Park with vibrant projections and multicoloured lanterns.

5. Vancouver Comic Arts Festival
Date: May 21 – 22 (Sat, Sun)
Time: 10am – 5pm
Cost: Free
Location: Roundhouse Community Centre (Yaletown)

About: The Vancouver Comic Arts Festival is an annual celebration of comics that enjoyed its launch in May 2012. The festival features readings, panels, and workshops, culminating in a two-day exhibition for cartoonists from across the country and down the coast.





Top 10 deals in Vancouver – March 2016


This month’s Vancouver deals include some cheap Oyster sauce from T&T, BOGO coupon from Cineplex, McDonalds coupons, Clarins’ gift with purchase at Sears and more. New Vancouver deals are updated on the first week of every month.

1. March 4 – 10
[T&T Supermarket] Lee Kum Kee Oyster sauce for $1 per bottle. Limit 4 per family

2. March 7 – June 30
[Cineplex] Buy one get one free coupon with the purchase of specially marked 8, 12 or 15 pack of Coca-Cola products.

3. March 3 – 20
[Sears] Clarins Gift with Purchase
With the purchase of 2 Clarins Products, one of which is skincare.

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4. March 7 – April 10
[MacDonalds] Coupons

5. March 7 – April 3
[Cinnabon] Coupons for 50% off of our Large Take Home CinnaPacks and a coupon for a FREE Minibon made with Nutella with any drink purchase.

6. [Pizza Hut] $5 $5 $5 Deal
Order a Medium or Large pizza at regular price and get the 2nd, 3rd and 4th medium pizzas for $5 each.

7. [Burger King] 2 for $5 and 2 for $4 Mix & Match Deal
2 Chicken or Fish sandwitch for $5 or 2 Croissan’wich or English Muffin for $4

8. [] 20% off Entire Order
Use Speical Code: SPECIAL20

9. [Rogers] Selected iPhone 6S on sale
iphone 6S 16gb for $298.99 (Space Grey, Silver, Gold and Rose Gold)
iphone 6S 64gb for $428.99 (Space Grey, Silver, Gold and Rose Gold)

10. [Costco] Intuit – TurboTax Standard for $19.99 ($5 off)
Features: Includes 8 Returns, Ideal For Couples and Families With Common Deductions

Lunch at Field & Social

Field & Social is a Vancouver based restaurant that specializes in salads created by local chefs using local and seasonal ingredients. First opened in late February 2016.

415 Dunsmuir St, Vancouver, BC V6B 1X4
Phone: (604) 379-6500

The interior features luxurious marble counter top, wooden communal tables, copper hardware, kombucha ginger tea on tap and an open stainless steel fridge full of fresh greens.

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Field & Social features 8 hand crafted salads that are made on the spot. Noteworthy ingredients include pulled beef, cured pork tenderloin, smoked tofu, 3-year aged chedddar, black kale and Ramen egg.

Salad: $11 – $14.50 + optional add-ons
Drinks: $3.50 – $7 (Bottled Kombucha)

Long line ups during lunch rush hours but that’s expected for a new restaurant. The salads are hand tossed in front of you which is great touch. Portions are quite large.  I tried the Black Kale Caesar and the Kombucha ginger tea on tap.

The salad has a bit too much dressing for my own preference but the chicken thigh was delicious. The hazelnuts provides an interesting crunch and texture to the salad. The Kombucha ginger tea has a light fizziness to it but the taste was a bit too strange for me.

Overall I enjoyed the experience. The interior is definitely a treat. The space remained bright and spacious even though it was a cold rainy day. The meal was surprisingly filling for a salad. It is a little bit on the pricier side but well worth it for the well thought out craftsmanship of the entire space and experience.


People of Vancouver at the Interior Design Show West

A serie of snap shots capturing the people of Vancouver.
IDSwest2011 Edition ]

“Listen | Closely’ lamp shades made from the sails fabric from Canada Place. Only a limited edition of 75 shades were made. Lamp Shades are selling for $150 each and all proceeds will be donated to the HomeStart Foundation.
Please contact for more information. 

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